Can I use my personal email account to send eMessages to an inmate?

No. You will use the Securus mobile app for Android or go to to send and receive an eMessage with an inmate.

How do I start communicating using eMessaging?

A free Securus Online account is required, then sign up for eMessaging, find the inmate, purchase a book of ‘stamps’ and type your message. Stamps are used to purchase messages and send pictures.

Can I pay for my inmate to reply to my messages?

Yes, each time you send an eMessage you can elect to pay for a reply.

Can I send a picture from my gallery or take a snapshot and send through eMessaging?

3 stamps – the message, the reply and the picture each cost 1 stamp each. Check or use the Securus mobile app for Android to see pricing for the inmate’s facility.

Are messages and pictures reviewed by the jail staff before delivered?


What are reasons my message or pictures are not approved?

Each facility maintains their own acceptability policy. In general the facility policies in place for US postal mail will be the same for eMessaging.

How will I know if my message is not approved?

If your message or photograph is not approved you will receive a message in your eMessaging inbox stating that the message was rejected and a reason.

Will I get a refund on stamps used if my message is not approved?

No. If your message or photo violates the facility policy no refunds are given for the stamps used – just like a US postal mail rejection at a facility, postage is not refunded.

What kind of photo file types can be sent?

Photos in the format of ,jpg, jpeg and .png are permitted. Mobile app

How do I send a message on the app?

After signing up, find your inmate by name or ID#, select state and facility name and you can add an inmate to your account. You’ll then purchase a book of stamps then go to your Inbox and click on the ‘+’ on bottom right to begin your message.