Traditional Collect Terms, Conditions, and Fees


A Traditional Collect account allows friends and family members to receive collect calls from inmates and have the call charges billed monthly on the friend or family member's local exchange provider (local telephone company) telephone bill, subject to local exchange provider restrictions.

Traditional Collect accounts are created automatically (one account per telephone number receiving collect inmate calls) when a friend or family member positively accepts a collect call from a correctional facility. The friend or family member's telephone number receiving collect inmate calls is used as the Traditional Collect account number.

Traditional Collect accounts are automatically assigned a 90-day rolling spending limit. Each time a collect call from an inmate is accepted by the friend or family member, the call charges are posted to the Traditional Collect account and deducted from the available spending limit. Securus then submits the call charges to the account holder's local telephone company to add to the account holder's local telephone bill. Traditional Collect account holders are unable to increase their spending limit. There is a limit on the number of collect inmate calls that can be accepted within a 24-hour period. Friends and family members can spend a maximum of $60.00 in any 24-hour period and can only spend up to their spending limit. If the Traditional Collect account spending limit is exceeded during any rolling 90-day period, the Traditional Collect account will be temporarily blocked from receiving additional inmate calls. As the charges roll off and the Traditional Collect account balance drops back below the 90-day rolling spending limit, the account will be unblocked and able to accept additional inmate calls up to the spending limit. Should a friend or family member wish to receive inmate calls in advance of the Traditional Collect account's being unblocked, the friend or family member must contact Securus to establish an AdvanceConnect or Direct Bill account.

Traditional Collect account information can be accessed 24/7/365 at 1-800-844-6591 and Stated Traditional Collect account activity may not reflect recent call activity due to call processing cycles.

Billing Statements and Fees:

Traditional Collect account holders will receive a monthly bill statement from their local exchange providers (local telephone company) that will include line items for the call charges incurred from collect calls received from inmates.

Applicable governmental taxes and fees are in addition to the rates and charges for calling service.

Account Closing:

Friends and family members should no longer positively accept collect calls from inmates if they do not want to have those call charges billed. Securus reserves the right to no longer process collect calls via Traditional Collect if fraudulent account activity is suspected or if the friends and family member's local exchange provider (local telephone company) no longer supports collect inmate call billing.

Other terms:

CT DOC customer may change their billing method at any time if they are good standing.   Prepay customers will receive a 25% discount off collect calling rates. 

More applicable terms and conditions apply. See Securus' General Terms and Conditions, including Privacy Policy, for further applicable terms and conditions.