TDCJ Rules and Regulations

Friends and Family Requirements

TDCJ Allows Calls to Post-Paid (no pre-paid) Cell Phones in addition to traditional landline phones.

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To receive calls from an offender at any TDCJ facility, you must complete the registration process.

After your registration is approved, your Direct-Collect Account will automatically be created with Securus Correctional Billing Services (SCBS).

TDCJ Requirements

  1. The registrant's name must match:
    • Drivers license or State ID.
    • Current phone bill.
  2. Offender enrolls in the voice identification system associated with the phones.
  3. Phones are available from 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM (unless conditions dictate a change).
  4. No calls are allowed to international numbers.
  5. Called party must be successfully registered and validated before calls are allowed.
  6. Not all offender classifications are permitted to place calls.
  7. Calls may be up to 30 minutes. You will hear a warning message one minute before being disconnected.
  8. Offenders have unlimited monthly minutes.
  9. All calls, except to their Attorney of Record, are subject to monitoring and recording.
  10. The Called party must answer the phone and press 1 to accept the call. The phone system does not allow offenders to leave a voice message.

Note: TDCJ units occasionally take the offender phone system offline for security reasons.

Answering A Call

Calls from TDCJ are announced by a computerized voice. It will tell you if the call is collect (you pay for it) or if the call is free (the offender pays for it).

You must accept the call by pressing 1 before talking to the offender.

Avoid Being Disconnected

The offender telephones have features that may disconnect your call if a violation is detected. To avoid being disconnected,


  • Transfer the call
  • Use call waiting
  • Put the call on Hold
  • Press any button on the key pad
  • Use call forwarding
  • Conference another person on the phone
  • Make a 3-way call
  • Use a cordless phone

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