Securus Technologies’ and T-Netix Telecommunication Services’ rates are in compliance with applicable state and federal regulations. Calls from a correctional facility will usually have a time limit. The time limit will vary depending on the correctional facility.

Promotional discounts that are often offered by long distance carriers do not apply to collect call service and there is no use of other carrier long distance calling cards or toll free numbers.

The cost of providing operator assisted calling is substantially higher than the cost of providing long distance. These costs include such things as special equipment, equipment maintenance, billing validation, billing and collections, customer service, and other expenses.

Due to security concerns, the correction industry typically contracts with a telephone service provider to handle all calls originating from their facility. The requirements that all calls be positively accepted by the called party, helps ensure that harassing or unwanted calls are not placed to witnesses, lawyers, judges or anyone else. In many cases, this also provides a tool for family members to manage and control calling expenses by utilizing our line restrictions or by taking advantage of our prepaid collect calling program.

The contract to provide service to the facility is usually granted based on competitive bids that are solicited by local, state, or federal authorities responsible for the correctional facility. Bidders must meet strict requirements that will ensure that all equipment can provide the security necessary and aid the facility in managing incarcerated individual calling privileges.

Understanding the Difference Between Interstate vs. In-state Calls:

It is important to understand the difference between interstate vs in-state calls. Interstate rates do not apply to calls that originate in one state and terminate within the same state. In-state (Intrastate) calls are calls within the same state. Calls within a state can also be referred to as local, interLATA or intraLATA calls within the state. The FCC interstate calling rates do not apply to in-state calls.

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