TDCJ Accounts and Rates

We offer multiple types of accounts to ensure you get connected with TDCJ offenders.

Direct Bill Account

This account was automatically created after registration when you were approved to receive calls. The account will have an initial credit limit of $85.00 which will be increased to $200.00 after 90 days if the account is kept current and you have paid your invoices in full and on time.  A monthly bill is sent to you detailing the calls you received.

  • If you reach your credit limit prior to the next bill cycle, you can not receive more calls until we receive your payment. For payment options, click here.
  • If your Direct Bill Account becomes past due, it is automatically converted to a Friends & Family Prepaid Account.

Friends & Family Prepaid Account

A prepaid account ensures you are always ready to receive calls. Since you pay before being called, there is never a disruption in service as long as the account is funded. You can request your Direct Bill Account be converted to a prepaid account at any time. Want to convert your account? Click here.

Offender Debit Account

This account allows offenders to pay for their own calls. You can fund this account too. For details, click here.


Account Type Calls In Texas
(per minute)
Calls Outside Texas
(per minute)
Direct Bill $0.06 $0.06
Friends & Family Prepaid $0.06 $0.06
Offender Debit* $0.06 $0.06



Description Fee Fee Type
Direct Bill Account $2.00/month Statement Processing Fee
Check or Money Order $0.00 Statement Processing Fee
Credit Card using Live Agent $5.95 Credit Card Processing Fee
Credit Card using IVR or Web $3.00 Credit Card Processing Fee
Check or Money Order to Western Union Click here for fees Minimum funding: $25.00
Applicable State and Federal taxes and other Regulatory Fees apply.

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