This site provides you all the information you’ll need to learn about the services available for your family or friend housed at a TDCJ facility.

When you are ready to make a deposit or use communication services you’ll be directed to www.securustech.net to create an account and login to use services.

You can also download the free Securus app for Android or Apple.

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There are many ways to connect with an inmate in Texas

  • Fund a prepaid calling account to receive phone calls
  • Send and receive eMessaging, send photos and eCards
  • Schedule and participate in Video Visitation
  • Learn about inmate tablets
  • Contribute to their media account using Securus Debit

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Securus provides friends and family of Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) inmates with account support for calling services.

In order to receive calls from an inmate, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) requires that you register at www.TexasPrisonPhone.com and meet the following requirements:

  1. The name on your driver’s license must match the name on your telephone service bill/listing
  2. You must agree to the following conditions:
    • You are the registered owner of the phone that will accept calls from any inmate you register for
    • You will allow inmate calls to this phone
    • You are at least 18 years old
    • You will not forward calls, make 3-way calls or use a speakerphone on calls received from any inmate you register for
    • You understand that eligible inmates are not allowed to speak to any adult that is not listed on their Approved Calling List
  3. If you don’t possess a Texas Driver’s License or State ID, you will be asked to upload a photo or photocopy of your out-of-state driver’s license.
  4. If you have a cellphone, you will be asked to upload a legible copy of your last cell phone bill showing cell phone number. If you are registering a pre-paid cell phone and you do not receive a phone bill from your prepaid provider, you will need to send a screenshot from your online account that shows your name and billing address, telephone #, date and company logo. (If you send an edited phone bill or screenshot, your enrollment will either be delayed, or a block will be placed on your account prohibiting you from being approved.)

Please be prepared to include:

  • Customer Name
  • Cell Phone Company Logo
  • Billing Address (Note: Usually on the first 2 pages)
  • Monthly Basic Phone Charge (Note: This is usually on the Account Summary Page)
  • Date of phone bill

After you complete the registration process at www.TexasPrisonPhone.com a customer care representative will be available to answer your questions about billing, rates and payments. 

We offer various options to ensure you are able to stay connected with your loved one.

Already Have an Account?

If you have an existing account and want to receive calls from a TDCJ inmate you must register your phone number. Afterwards, you will have two accounts, one specifically for calls from TDCJ and the other for calls from other correctional agencies. When making payments, be sure to indicate which account should receive the funds.

Calling Rules and Regulations

Friends and Family Requirements

TDCJ Allows Calls to Post-Paid (no pre-paid) Cell Phones in addition to traditional landline phones.

To receive calls from an inmate at any TDCJ facility, you must register your cell or landline phone number at www.TexasPrisonPhone.com.

You can also call 866-806-7804 to register your landline phone.

TDCJ Requirements
  1. The registrant’s name must match:
    • Drivers license or State ID.
    • Current phone bill.
  2. Inmate enrolls in the voice identification system associated with the phones.
  3. Phones are available from 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM (unless conditions dictate a change).
  4. No calls are allowed to international numbers.
  5. Called party must be successfully registered and validated before calls are allowed.
  6. Not all inmate classifications are permitted to place calls.
  7. Calls may be up to 30 minutes. You will hear a warning message one minute before being disconnected.
  8. Inmates have unlimited monthly minutes.
  9. All calls, except to their Attorney of Record, are subject to monitoring and recording.
  10. The Called party must answer the phone and press 1 to accept the call. The phone system does not allow inmates to leave a voice message.

Note: TDCJ units occasionally take the inmate phone system offline for security reasons.

Answering A Call

Calls from TDCJ are announced by a computerized voice. It will tell you if the call is collect (you pay for it) or if the call is free (the inmate pays for it).

You must accept the call by pressing 1 before talking to the inmate.

Avoid Being Disconnected

The inmate telephones have features that may disconnect your call if a violation is detected. To avoid being disconnected,


  • Transfer the call
  • Use call waiting
  • Put the call on Hold
  • Press any button on the key pad
  • Use call forwarding
  • Conference another person on the phone
  • Make a 3-way call
  • Use a cordless phone

Calling Accounts and Rates

Securus offers multiple types of accounts to ensure you can receive phone calls from TDCJ inmates.

Direct Bill Account

This account is automatically created after you register and are approved to receive calls. The account will have an initial credit limit of $30.00 which will be increased to $50.00 after 90 days if the account is kept current and you have paid your invoices in full and on time. A monthly bill is sent to you detailing the calls you received.

  • If you reach your credit limit prior to the next bill cycle, you can not receive more calls until we receive your payment. For payment options, click here.
  • If your Direct Bill Account becomes past due, it is automatically converted to a Friends & Family ‘AdvanceConnect’ account, which is a prepaid calling account.

AdvanceConnect – a Family & Friends Prepaid Account

An AdvanceConnect prepaid account ensures you are always ready to receive calls. Since you pay before being called, there is never a disruption in service as long as the account is funded. You can add multiple numbers to this account and the inmate can call any while still being funded by the account. . You can request your Direct Bill Account be converted to an AdvanceConnect prepaid account at any time. Want to convert your account? click here.

Securus Debit Account

This account allows inmates to pay for their own calls. You can fund this account too. For details, click here.


Account Type Rate per minute
Direct Bill $.06
Friends & Family Prepaid $.06
Securus Debit $.06


Description Fee Fee Type
Direct Bill Account $2.00/month Statement Processing Fee
Check or Money Order $0.00 Statement Processing Fee
Credit Card using Live Agent $5.95 Credit Card Processing Fee
Credit Card using IVR, Website or mobile app $3.00 Credit Card Processing Fee
Check or Money Order to Western Union View Fees Processing fee
Check or Money Order to MoneyGram View Fees Processing fee

Securus is pleased to announce that the transition from JPay eMail to Securus eMessaging™ is underway. Throughout the year we will be moving facilities from the one-way JPay email to the improved two-way Securus eMessaging on individual tablets.

Soon a schedule will be published by location.

Once a facility moves to the two-way Securus eMessaging, you can send eMessages to your eligible inmate and receive responses from them through the Securus eMessaging app and website.

eMessaging allows you to

  • Send messages
  • Receive responses to your messages
  • Share photos
  • Celebrate events with digital eCards
  • Snap n’ Send® photos
  • Purchase stamps, transfer stamps and prepay for your incarcerated loved one to reply

When the new two-way service launches at your inmate’s facility, you will do one of two things

If you’ve never used Email:

You’ll need to create a Securus account to begin using the new two-way email.

How to create a Securus account

Go to https://securustech.online/#/login and click ‘Create an Account’. You’ll be asked to enter your email address and create a password. Next you’ll answer 3 security questions and provide your name, address and phone number. You’ll choose a 4 digit numeric passcode and you are all set. Just sign in at https://securustech.online/#/login using your email address as your user ID and the password you just created. Note you can also download the free Securus app and follow the steps above to create an account.

How to set up your new eMessaging account.

After sign in you’ll click ‘Sign up’ on the eMessaging tab. The next page explains services and shows the number of stamps needed for a message and attachments. Click ‘Sign up for eMessaging’ and accept the terms and conditions. You’ll search for an inmate by name or ID and state and facility. Add them as a contact, purchase stamps and you are ready to message them. 

If you have been using Email:

You’ll go to https://securustech.online/#/jpay to link accounts then you can get started. Linking accounts is important because it will ensure your Email history, transactions and stamp balances are transferred to eMessaging. You will use Securustech.net or the Securus apps going forward to send and receive eMessaging.

Once on the site you will be asked for your JPay Email address and password and our system will see if you already have a Securus account that will be linked. If not it will create a Securus account and transfer the mail and stamp history. You’ll continue to use your JPay Email ID and password to sign into the Securus account at https://securustech.online/#/login


eMessaging Type # of Stamps Price
Message 1 $0.22
Message + Photo 2 $0.44
Message + eCard 2 $0.44
Snap n’ Send (single photo; available only on the apps) 1 $0.22

*Stamp packages are the same for family & friends and inmates

For more information go to https://securustech.net/emessaging/

Video Visitation

No video visitation on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Securus is pleased to announce Securus Video Connect® at select facilities. You can begin to register and schedule video visitation for the sites below.

Inmates are limited to one video visitation session per month.

Date* Offender Site
8/17/2020 Jester III – Richmond
8/17/2020 Hutchins State Jail – Dallas
8/17/2020 Montford – Lubbock
8/17/2020 Travis County State Jail – Austin
8/17/2020 Sanchez State Jail – El Paso
8/17/2020 Clements – Amarillo
8/17/2020 Connally – Kenedy
8/17/2020 Crain – Gatesville
8/17/2020 Stiles – Beaumont
8/17/2020 Michael – Tennessee Colony
8/17/2020 Wynne – Huntsville
10/3/2020 Garza West – Beeville
9/8/2021 McConnell – Beeville

**Please note, only the inmate sites listed above are eligible for video communication

Ready to get started? Here are the easy steps to sign up for Securus Video Connect:

How to create a Securus account

Go to https://securustech.online/#/login and click ‘Create an Account’. You’ll be asked to enter your email address and create a password. Next you’ll answer 3 security questions and provide your name, address and phone number. You’ll choose a 4 digit numeric passcode and you are all set. Just sign in at https://securustech.online/#/login using your email address as your user ID and the password you just created. Note you can also download the free Securus app and follow the steps above to create an account.

How to sign up for Video Connect

Go to https://securustech.online/#/login to sign in then select Video Connect and click Sign Up. Next you’ll be required to submit a photo of your government issued ID and a photo of yourself. These are submitted to TDCJ for approval. Select ‘Texas’ as the state and choose the site where the inmate is housed. You will receive an email to advise you are approved.

Once your account is approved you will sign in to request access to communicate with your specific inmate, then schedule your visitation.

To check schedules and pricing go to https://securustech.online/#/facilities-and-pricing and enter Texas as the state then select the TDCJ site

NOTE – If your inmate’s site is not listed they do not have Securus Video Connect. They may have an onsite tablet visitation service. For questions about this onsite service please contact the unit directly.

Unity JP6S Free Loaner Tablet Program

Securus is pleased to announce the deployment of the Unity JP6S Loaner Tablet program at all TDCJ facilities.

The sites listed below currently offer the free loaner tablets. All TDCJ facilities will receive tablets, timeframes for the remaining sites will be posted here as they become available. When the program launches at each site, every eligible incarcerated individual at that facility will be offered a JP6S device. Participating individuals will retain the tablet for use throughout the duration of their incarceration.

Tablet Applications

Phone Calling

The Unity Tablet is a personal device that provides your loved ones with the ability to place calls to family and friends with more privacy and safety.

Job Search

JobView creates the opportunity for loved ones to search for employment prior to release. Your loved one can search thousands of job openings in hundreds of fields; updated daily.

Law Library

Your loved ones have access to millions of legal resources. No training or prior computer knowledge is required to perform comprehensive legal research.


Users can enjoy hundreds of audio and video podcasts in a wide variety of topics. Examples: Education, Parenting, News, Personal Development, Addiction Recovery, Mental Health, Music, Sports, Comedy and more!


Education is key to reducing recidivism; therefore Securus Technologies has made a complete educational catalog free to your loved ones! There are instructional documents and videos along with exercises and tests that allow for a user to complete coursework at their own pace.


Through the eBook application, users have unlimited access to a comprehensive eBook library with thousands of titles! Users can choose from a variety of genres, such as Adventure, Science Fiction, Drama, History, and much more.


Religious texts and services are provided for spiritual growth and guidance.


Your loved ones can enjoy their favorite music and artists! Selections include Country, Hip Hop, Gospel, Pop, Jazz, Rock, and more.


Your loved ones can spend time playing their favorite games! Users have unlimited access to a large selection of well-known titles such as 2048, Sudoku, Solitaire, and more.


The Services application receives real-time news and notices digitally from facility staff.

Tablet Benefits

The Unity Tablet is a secure, corrections-grade, multi-purpose communications device specifically designed for incarcerated individuals within a jail or prison.

The Unity Tablet hosts a variety of applications for education to assist with rehabilitation, communication with family and friends, entertainment, and job placement. Thousands across the United States are currently using this tablet program.

The Unity Tablet focuses on proactive and constructive ways to prepare incarcerated individuals for successful reentry into society.

Benefits for your loved ones:

  • The loaner tablets are FREE to eligible inmates for the duration of this stay
  • Communicate with family and friends
  • Have privacy from others during phone calls
  • Idle time is turned into something positive and productive
  • Search for employment prior to release
  • Reduce levels of stress
  • Use up-to-date technology
  • Utilize educational resources
  • Self-help opportunities such as mental health and addiction recovery
  • Access religious books and other resources
Securus Debit

Previously known as the ‘Offender Debit’ account, the Securus Debit account replaces it and offers much more to the inmate.

In addition to a prepaid account for phone calls to numbers they choose, this account now can pay for;

  • eMessaging stamps
  • Tablet accessories
  • Premium media subscriptions

This account is owned by the inmate but you can make deposits to help them fund these communication and entertainment services.



Securus App

The easiest way to manage your TDCJ/Securus accounts is to download the free Securus app for Apple and iOS. You can create your online account and add services such as eMessaging and Securus Video Connect as well as prepay for your AdvanceConnect calls and or their Securus Debit account for calling and media purchases.

Download on the App Store! Android App on Google Play!

Using the app is the best experience for sending and receiving eMessages, sending eCards and photos. It is also the only way to send Snap n’ Send, the single photo you can share without a message, sort of like Instagram. Credit and Debit cards accepted.


Our website www.securustech.net is also a convenient way to create your online account, use eMessaging and VideoConnect and pay for services. Credit and Debit cards accepted.


Call us at 972-734-1111 from a mobile device or 1-800-844-6591. Credit and Debit cards accepted.

US Mail

  • For Direct Bill or AdvanceConnect Prepaid Account payments:
    P.O. Box 650757
    Dallas, TX 75265-0757 Make remittances payable to Securus Technologies. Include your account number and your phone number.

    For Securus Debit Account payments:
    Securus Inmate Debit Account
    P.O. Box 975420
    Dallas, TX 75397-5420 For Securus Debit Account funding, complete the remittance form below, print and mail to ensure the correct inmate receives the funds.

    *processing fees apply

Please make checks or money orders payable to Securus Technologies and allow 7-10 days for processing. Remember that this form must be included with your check or money order.


You Information

You may also make a payment using:

Frequently Asked Questions


To discuss your Securus TDCJ account or other accounts, call 972-734-1111

Representatives are available 24 hours, 7 days a week

Ask us a question by clicking here.

Trouble Reporting

If you suspect fraudulent activity on your account or had a call that was disconnected prematurely, contact the Securus Dispute Center:

For complaints about the inmate phone service provider, contact

Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Inmate Technology Services Management Office
P.O. Box 4016
Huntsville, TX 77342-4016